Choosing the best anti-virus software


By: Orville Wright

While some file downloads are requested, authorized, and enjoyed by Internet users, other files can be malicious, and certainly not welcomed.  A consumer may not know when he or she has accepted a file infected with malware in an email or through a web page until it is too late. Because of this, many unprotected computers are affected with viruses and other malware on a regular basis, leading to the loss of a lot of precious data, and in a worst case scenario, complete destruction of computer hardware.To protect themselves, Internet users have turned to anti-virus software of various kinds, which not only block attacks from destructive programs, but can remove threats which already exist on the users’ systems. This week we will look at the origins and effects of malware, so that PC users understand what they are dealing with.This will let you understand what the main types of malware are, why it is important to purchase anti-virus software to protect your computer, and the type of software to buy to ensure they are totally shielded from unwanted attacks.

Why Choose an Anti-virus Software?Though many computers come pre-installed with an antivirus software perhaps a trial, subscriptions need to be renewed once the initial evaluation period has expired. Custom built machines require new antivirus software from the very beginning. There are a large number of sources from which software can be purchased, including department stores, retailers, specialized software outlets, and numerous websites.Unfortunately, not all the electronic information on the Internet is benign. Certain individuals, for various reasons, have created an array of malware which, if downloaded, steals private information, causes permanent loss of data, and corrupts installed programs.Some of the best antivirus software includes;Norton 360, Bitdefender,F-Secure, AVG, Avast and Kaspersky. Any of these antivirus can be purchased online or at tech stores.