Teen dies after blow to head with rock

Teen hit with rock pic


The St Mary police are investigating the death Saturday, March 7, of a teen, who was reportedly struck in the head with a rock in the parish.Dead is 18-year-old Devon Nelson of Tokie Hole in Stewart Town, St Mary. The teen was allegedly killed during a dispute with another man.Reports are that on Friday evening, Nelson and a group of men were walking when he was approached by another teenager. It is reported that Nelson and the teen got into a physical altercation and a rock was brought into play. It is alleged that the man used the rock to hit Nelson in the head. He was rushed to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.
Reports are that Nelson and the teen who hit him were once best of friends but had fallen out. Further reports were that the teen was challenged to hit Nelson.
The teen has been taken into custody. He has not yet been charged.