For service to Epworth Primary and community


The Epworth community has celebrated the thirty-six years of dedicated service of Anthony Meredith and Launa Meredith to the Epworth Primary school and community. The function was held at the Epworth Methodist Church on Tuesday, March 31.The afternoon was filled with praise and expressions of gratitude to Anthony Meredith and Launa Meredith (she was absent) for their significant contributions made in education and impacting the lives of several individuals. Tributes took the form of songs, poems and speeches all described the Merediths as dedicated, disciplined and committed individuals who made sure that every child was treated in the same way.Among those who expressed their gratitude was Merna Walker J.P., who was master of ceremonies for the function. She hailed the Merediths for their contribution and noted that if they were not dedicated individuals, Epworth Primary School would have been closed down. “It was their efforts that kept the school going throughout the years and, today, students from asfar as Exchange, Ocho Rios and Great Pond come to the school because of the quality of education the Merediths instituted,” she noted.


Deacon Daniel Irons, who gave tributes on behalf of the Epworth community, also praised the Merediths for sharing their values not only with students, but also with the community members.Guest speaker, Austin Hemmings, a retired education officer and educator, saluted the Meredithsfor their efforts at Epworth Primary, especially the contributions of Anthony Meredith who he described as a powerful leader in region three.In response to the overwhelming expressions of gratitude, Anthony Meredith thanked everyone, but alluded to the fact that it was his wife, Launa Meredith who was like the ‘rock of Gibralter’ in his life and stood with him through good times and bad in the 30 years spent at the institution. “I was offered to be the principal at Ocho Rios Primary, St. Ann’s Bay Primary and even Ferncourt High School but I turned them all down for Epworth Primary because this was where I belonged,” noted Mr. Meredith.Anthony Meredith and his wife, Launa, received individual plaques and a gift certificate saluting their invaluable service and leadership to the Epworth Primary by past student Herbalee Nelson and his wife, Captain Keyona Nelson. The community members also presented an award to the Merediths in recognition of their 36 years of service to the Epworth Primary and community.Anthony Meredith served as principal from September 1976 to December 2012, while Launa Meredith served as teacher from January 1977 to December 2014 and was principal from January 2013 to December 2014.

  • I wonder if I’m related to these Merediths? I’m trying to find my family members from the Bamboo, Saint Ann area of Jamaica.