Diagnosing your PC…even if you’re no techie


By:Orville Wright

The motherboard and processor are two of the most important hardware components inside the computer. The various pieces of hardware inside the PC communicate with one another through the circuits on the motherboard, while the CPU stores and executes programming instructions. The motherboard and CPU can both be expensive to replace, however, but diagnosing hardware failure on your own can reduce the potential repair costs for your business.  This week we will look at a few techniques to troubleshoot these problems. Below are just a few of the possible issues you may encounter. It is important to remember that the issues below can also be caused by more than just a bad motherboard and CPU.Remove all plug and play expansion slot cards. This includes your video card, sound card and any other external card you may have in use.

Reconnect your computer to its power supply cord.

Turn on your PC and listen for a beep. Your computer runs a diagnostic upon start up called “post.” Post checks for the basic requirements for your system. This includes RAM, processor and motherboard and basic video functions. If these three basic elements are working properly, you will hear one beep from your computer’s speaker and you can be assured your processor and motherboard are still working.

Count the number of beeps you hear (if more than one) as this will help you determine if your processor is functioning properly. The number of beeps reported by your computer at start up will tell you what the problem is. If you are running Phoenix BIOS, make sure you count and write down the beep sequence.

Software and Hardware solutions

These are listing of a software programs available that are designed to test your computer’s motherboard and CPU. However, with the complexity and wide variety of computer motherboards and CPUs, these programs may not detect every possible failure.

Hot CPU Tester – Our software recommendation for testing a computers motherboard and CPU. This is a great tool.  Easy to run and use for looking for failures with your computer. In addition to testing a computer, this program also includes a burn-in feature for new computers or computers with a new motherboard or CPU. In addition to the above solutions, there are other great 100% commercial products.

PC-doctor – A fantastic but not cheap solution often used for service centers and technicians to diagnose computer hardware issues including motherboard issues.

PC Diagnostics – Another company that offers both hardware and software solutions for testing the majority of the hardware in your computer including the motherboard.

Ultra-X – Another great collection of products that can help test computer hardware including the motherboard.

Replace the motherboard and CPU

If the motherboard or CPU is bad after trying the above suggestions, we suggest replacing it.If you have any issues with your PC, feel free to contact me via email at orvillewright22@gmail.comRemember, if you have other methods or ideas and even if you have other problems, drop me an email.