‘Triple Six’ killed in lock-up

An accused murderer with several aliases and addresses and who eluded police for months, died as a result of stab wounds in police lock-up in St Ann’s Bay last week.

Twenty-six-year-old Carl Tyme, alias ‘Triple Six’, ‘666’ or ‘Wildlife’, of Flanker, St James, met his untimely demise on Tuesday afternoon, November 15, when he was stabbed allegedly by an inmate to the chest in the passageway of the St Ann’s Bay lock-up in St Ann.

Police also list Tyme as having lived at Mt Edgecombe, near Runaway Bay and also from Goshen, Brown’s Town.

Tyme succumbed to his stab wounds around midnight on Wednesday, November 16.

Tyme, who was once listed among St Ann’s eight most wanted, was behind bars in relation to a 2015 murder for which he was on the run for several months.

Reports from the St. Ann’s Bay Police are that about 3:45 p.m. last Tuesday, Tyme and an inmate were involved in an altercation during which he was stabbed in the chest.

Another inmate also received a stab wound during the incident.

Both wounded men were taken to hospital where Tyme later succumbed to his injury and the other admitted.

However, Tyme succumbed to his injuries sometime after midnight last Wednesday.

It is alleged that the inmate, who stabbed Tyme, was in custody on robbery charges.  carl