Mentally-ill man to spend three months in prison for wounding his father

A mentally-ill man who used a stone to hit his father, to the right side of his face causing a wound, in Gayle, St Mary last year, was sentenced to three months imprisonment in the St Mary Parish Court on Thursday, April 20.

The convicted man, Rohan Hudson showed no sign of remorse for injuring his father, at his sentencing.

When asked by presiding senior parish judge Yvette Wentworth-Miller why she should not send him to prison, Hudson said that he had already served his time and he was a “big man.”

Hudson had been in custody since February of last year, but Judge Wentworth-Miller explained that based on Hudson’s remarks, he clearly had no remorse and needed to understand and reflect on his actions.

Allegations are that on January 26, 2016 in the Gayle Town centre, Hudson walked up to his father with a stone and used it to him (his father) to the right side of his face causing a wound.

Hudson’s father was taken to the Port Maria Hospital, where it was revealed he suffered a fractured jaw. A report was later made to the Gayle Police Station and Hudson was arrested and charged.

The crown revealed that Hudson has been in custody since February 4.

Hudson pleaded guilty to the charge of unlawful wounding earlier this year.

Prior to the sentencing, Judge Wentworth-Miller enquired of Hudson if he was still taking his medications. He indicated that he was still taking his medication.


When asked by the judge what he had learned from being in custody, Hudson explained that he had learned how to control his temper and how to behave and wanted to go home to take care of his children.

“Is there anything you would like to say to your father?” Judge Wentworth-Miller further asked.

“No, Your Honor,” Hudson replied.

Hudson’s antecedent report had revealed that he had been sentenced twice before for stealing and wounding to which Hudson had agreed.

However, both sentences were suspended, meaning that he was not imprisoned on the charges though he had been found guilty.

Hudson’s father, who was also present at the sentencing, was asked by the judge how long he had spent in the hospital. The man replied that he had spent five days hospitalized.

The judge also enquired if it was the first time that Hudson had assaulted him and he explained that he (Hudson) assaulted him before, but when he used the stone to hit him, it was the worst.

“Why shouldn’t I send you to prison, sir?” Judge Wentworth-Miller asked Hudson.

Hudson later replied that he had spent 15 months in custody prior to his sentence and served his time. However, the judge explained that based on the offence he could still serve more time in prison.

Hudson also indicated to the court that he “was a big man.”

Judge Wentworth-Miller told Hudson that it was clear that he had no remorse and he would be staying with the police for a further three months.

She indicated that she hoped that Hudson would think about his life and would walk the straight and narrow when he served his time.