BRUTAL, NASTY, SHORT LIFE Until he killed her at 18 for cheating • She was brought to farm and beaten to death, sources say

An 18-year-old girl, who was killed by her older male lover, was said to be an abusive relationship since she was only 15-year-old.

Jessica McLarty was reportedly beaten to death three years ago at age 18, by her boyfriend, Okieff Davey, who was 37 at the time. The two had been living together and had a child but he was then accusing her of cheating on him with other men.

However, it was not until five months after in October of 2014, that Davey led police investigators to a shallow grave where he buried his 18-year-old girlfriend.


The story will reach finality when Okieff Davey of Buckfield, Ocho Rios will be sentenced for manslaughter relating to McLarty’s death on July 14 in the Home Circuit Court in Kingston.

Davey had pleaded guilty on Friday, June 9 in the St Ann Circuit Court before high court judge Glen Brown in relation to manslaughter stemming from the killing of Jessica McLarty.

McLarty had been missing for several months and her skeletal remains found on Monday, October 6, 2014.

The indictment read to Davey in court had then stated that between April 7, 2014 and May 3 of that same year, Davey killed Jessica McLarty.

He said he was “not guilty to murder, but guilty to manslaughter.”

Assistant director of public prosecutions, Leighton Morris, indicated that the prosecution was prepared to accept the plea of manslaughter.

Morris indicated to presiding judge Justice Glen Brown that McLarty was much younger than the accused man, and it was the accused man, who after questioning of him by the police, led them to a shallow grave where she was buried. The prosecutor indicated that the crown had no eyewitnesses in the matter.

In addition to a social enquiry report being ordered, Justice Glen Brown asked for a psychiatric evaluation.

Davey is to be sentenced in the Home Circuit Court on July 14.


Attorney, Robert Brown, who represented Davey, commended the work of the investigating matter in the case and his style of investigating that resulted in the remains of the woman’s body being found.

Brown indicated that the investigating officer, who was a friend of the deceased girl, had “received a dream from her” that she needed to be buried and have a funeral. It was following this that the officer intensely questioned Davey and he finally told the investigators what had happened.


Reports from the Ocho Rios police were that the woman went missing on May 3, 2014. Based upon investigations carried out, Davey was taken in for questioning on October 2, of that same year.

After being interviewed extensively, Davey reportedly gave the police information, and then led them to a farm in the neighbouring Great Pond community, where they were shown a shallow grave. The grave was dug up and human remains believed to be McLarty’s were found. The remains were taken to the morgue where a post-mortem was conducted.

Sources said that Davey told the police that he had found out that McLarty was cheating on him with other men including a friend of his.

It is not clear how McLarty ended up at the farm, but it was there that Davey confronted her and he was enraged and beat her severely. He later buried her in a shallow grave on the property.


In a story that was carried by the North Coast Times in 2014, McLarty’s mother, Joan Hibbert in an interview had said that her daughter was involved in a very abusive relationship with Okieff Davey who impregnated her. Young Jessica’s son was one year old at the time.  The mother said she became pregnant again shortly after but had a miscarriage.

Ms Hibbert said at the time that young Jessica’s boyfriend would constantly “throw her out” in the middle of the night and repeatedly threatened to kill her. However, she said no matter how she begged her daughter to leave her lover and return home she refused.

In the story at that time, Ms Hibbert said: “Him threaten har a lot of times sey him ago kill har, him seyhar life belonged to him and anyhow she go back to my house him ago kill har.” Ms Hibbert claimed. She said that each time the boyfriend put Jessica out, he would come back for her within two days or earlier.

She told The Times in 2014 of several occasions when Jessica and the baby were thrown out by the boyfriend and how she, Ms Hibbert, had to rescue Jessica. But, she said no matter how she begged Jessica not to leave her house, she refused saying she wanted to work things out with her boyfriend.

Ms Hibbert said the boyfriend would constantly call her, Ms Hibbert and curse her to leave his girlfriend’s business alone. She said he even threatened her. Ms Hibbert said the child remained in the abusive relationship despite her best effort to have her leave.

She further stated in the story carried in 2014 that young Jessica visited her earlier that year after she discovered that she was not well. She said the girl was bleeding heavily. She went to the hospital and discovered that she had a miscarriage. She said one day Jessica called but she was not at home. She didn’t hear from Jessica again and this prompted her to file a missing persons report at the Ocho Rios police.

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