St Mary JDF soldier in hot water for cocaine! • Bail denied after being caught with cocaine at airport

The 32-year-old St Mary member of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) who allegedly tried to leave the island with 2.8 kilogrammes of cocaine valued at $3.3 million has been remanded into custody.

The soldier, Lance Corporal Sedona Rayon Maxwell, was charged with possession of, dealing in and taking steps to export cocaine.

Maxwell appeared before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last Friday, where he was denied bail by parish judge Chester Crooks.

The judge denied bail based on the on the strength of the Crown’s case, the seriousness of the allegations and the fact that he (the judge) once worked closely with the JDF as the force’s attorney.

Reports stated that Maxwell, who was reportedly caught trying to smuggle the cocaine into Canada told officers that he was going through a phase and was “trying something different”.

Maxwell was remanded into custody until July 12, while disclosure is to be made to the soldier’s attorney in the case.

Reports are that the soldier turned up at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston shortly before 5 o’clock on Sunday, June 18.

He was attempting to board a flight destined for Canada, when detectives were alerted to a suitcase later identified to belonging to the soldier.  The suitcase was examined in the presence of the soldier.

A search revealed that the suitcase contained false compartments with a white powdery substance resembling cocaine.

The soldier and the contents of the suitcase were reportedly taken to the Narcotics Police Division at the airport, where detectives conducted more detailed examination.

It is alleged that three souvenir cups with more white powdery substance resembling cocaine were found in each cup.

Maxwell was taken into custody and charged on Tuesday, June 20.