2 shot in Ochi, feared dead





Two men were shot in old Buckfield about 4:30 this afternoon.

The North Coast Times cannot confirm whether the men have died.  However people on the scene of the shooting near the bypass road say the men died at the scene. They were taken to the St Ann’s Bay Hospital..

Reports to The Times are that two men had crossed the main road from Buckfield to old Buckfield and were standing at a shop when armed men walked up and shot them all over their bodies. The armed men fled across the bypass road.

The shooting took place less than a quarter mile from the Ocho Rios police station.

Ocho Rios has been tense since earlier this week when an escaped prisoner was shot dead by police in Pineapple, about half a mile from today’s shooting.

There have also been reports of possible reprisal for a killing last week Michael Brown in Mansfield Heights also called Falklands.

  • MsJ

    Wow! So this decline in murders in St Ann that the police attributed to effective policing etc, only a few weeks ago was just a temporary reprieve? With these recent shootings within a couple of days, occurring in residential areas and nearby tourists spots, during late morning and the afternoon, it’s fortunate that innocent bystanders were not injured or killed.