Alexis applies for citizenship

PNP candidate in the South East St Mary Constituency says he has completed his application to become a Jamaican citizen.

Dr Shane Alexis is facing the JLP’s  Dr Norman Dunn in the crucial by election set for next week Monday, October 30 in the constituency.

Earlier this month following his nomination, it was revealed that Dr Alexis was born in Canada and is not a Jamaican citizen though he has lived here since he was two years old. The PNP insists that Dr Alexis was properly nominated. The JLP has lashed out at Dr Alexis and the PNP saying they are hypocritical and should have nominated a citizen of Jamaica.

At a PNP rally last night in the constituency Dr Alexis said he had completed his application for citizenship . “Comrade Leader, today I  completed my application for citizenship,” he said to loud cheers. “I expect to be a Jamaican citizen in short order.”

  • Winston Watson

    Rather anticlimatic isn’t it.