Nurse dies after being shot by ex

The nurse shot in St Ann’s Bay, St Ann yesterday evening has died. She is 39-year-old Ophelia Wollaston.

Ms Wollaston of Lime Hall, near St Ann’s Bay died early this morning in the St Ann’s Bay hospital from the bullet wound she received yesterday.  She was employed to the St Ann’s Bay Hospital.

Reports are that Ms Wollaston was in a supermarket on Bravo Street St Ann’s Bay when a man walked up to her and shot her at point blank range.

It is reported that she had just gone to the police station next door to file a complaint against the man who had been harassing her. It is also reported she had taken out a restraining order against him following threats from him after she had ended a relationship with him sometime before.

Police said they have the man, a security guard in custody

(See the next issue of the North Coast Times for details)

  • mwhip

    You pick them up. a trouble and you put them down a still trouble. what should we do? RIP Sister.