Older man charged for murdering ex gets bail

A man charged for stabbing his much younger ex-lover to death has been offered bail, after more than a year in custody.

Fifty-nine -year-old Norman Thomas was offered bail in the sum of one million dollars in the St Ann Circuit Court, Tuesday, October 17.

His ex-lover 22-year-old Kyria Nelson, loan clerk of Pimento Walk, near Ocho Rios was stabbed to death in her office in the resort town shortly after she arrived at work shortly after 8 a.m. on Wednesday, June 29, 2016.

Thomas has been in custody since last year June, following the killing.

It is reported that Thomas and Nelson had a longstanding relationship but she ended it several weeks earlier.

Thomas had reportedly waited until Nelson got to her office on the second floor of Brown’s Plaza in the centre of town, He reportedly cornered her and stabbed her repeatedly as she screamed for help. The prosecutor at the Easter term sitting of the circuit in June this year claimed in court that Nelson was stabbed at least twenty times.

After the act, Thomas reportedly calmly walked out into the street, with blood dripping from a knife, near the clock in Ocho Rios square. He did not resist when police came and arrested him.

In an earlier court appearance, Thomas denied stabbing Nelson.

Attorney Nathan Geddes Morrison made application for bail and it was granted.

Thomas is to return to court in February.