Woman accused of multiple crimes stays in lock-up


The case of a woman, who is accused of committing a number of crimes in various parishes, has been put off in the St Ann Circuit Court for her to finalize her representation with an attorney.

Charged for lotto scamming, cyber-crime and simple larceny is Simone Gammon.

The charges that are laid on Gammon are said to have derived from a series of activities which were connected.

Gammon’s case was put off until, Tuesday, October 31, when she is expected to settle her legal representation.

When the matter was called up in the St Ann Circuit Court, on Tuesday, October 24, attorney, Everal Webster indicated to the court that Ms Gammon was in favour of having a legal aid assignment as she has been in custody for a “long time” and is unable to retain an attorney.

The prosecution, however, pointed out that there may be difficulties in having a legal aid attorney represent Gammon based on the nature of the offenses.

Tuesday, marked the first mention date of the matter in the Circuit Court as it was recently transferred from the Parish Court.

Gammon was allegedly found in possession of eleven manipulated debit cards, linked to accounts belonging to National Commercial Bank (NCB) account holders, who noticed suspicious activities on their accounts.

Reports are also that the accused is linked to other criminal activities in Trelawny.

Gammon was remanded in custody until