Woman says she was forcibly ejected from church

McKoy’s News) – “I went to a church and they throw me out.” These were just some of the words from a disappointed  Delores Riley who hails from Somerton in St James.

Miss Riley said she was told by a friend that a church at a particular location in Montego Bay could pray for her since she needed some blessings. She took the opportunity on Friday, September 8, and went to the church, intending that the pastor would pray for her as she was going through a lot with family members.

She went and joined the line as it was the norm at the church. When it was her turn,  she said the pastor told her that she was a very intelligent woman and asked why she came there. She replied that she needed prayer in her soul.

Deloris Riley shows the items that she was carrying when she visited the Church.

She said the pastor’s response was: ‘Woman you have something so figure it out’. She said the pastor then proceeded to anoint her forehead with olive oil and tried to push her forehead back so that she could fall, however, she stood her ground firm as a palm tree.

This she said got the pastor angrier and he began to shout, “Woman you got something!”  He then began to rub her leg and said, “the Blood of Jesus is against you!”.

At this time, three robust men began to pull her outside the church. She said that was an evil act against her and that all she had in her bag was Baby Oil and Three Nutmegs which she showed to this reporter.

Miss Riley said she is well known by people in Western Jamaica because she goes to different parishes to preach the words of the Lord on a daily basis. She said she also solicits food donations and clothing to feed street people. She further added that it leaves her to wonder what type of church rejects God’s people, as no matter how you are or what condition you are in, the church should never turn you away.