Men cleared of lottery scamming

During this term’s sitting of the St Ann Circuit, a number of matters were disposed of for various reasons. Among those cases are three matters involving lottery scamming.

The men who were charged for breaches of the Law Reform Fraudulent Transactions Special Provisions Act are Trevaughn Pinnock, Tyrone Gayle and Gawyne Scarlett.

Pinnock, Gayle and Scarlett were charged with one count each. This count charges each man with possession of identity information, on three separate occasions, on July 1, 2014. It is alleged that on that day, the men knowingly had identity information and a reasonable inference could be drawn, that the information was used or would have been used for lottery scamming.

All three men pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Allegations in the case of Pinnock who was represented by attorney Oswest Senior-Smith are that a lead sheet was found in his possession while the police conducted a search of a taxi in which he was traveling. Pinnock had indicated that he had found the sheet in the Brown’s Town Market. His phone was examined and no evidence of contact with any of the numbers or persons on the sheet was found.

A similar result came in the matter of Gayle who was represented by attorney Zavia Mayne. Allegations are that, during a police investigation at Gayle’s house a sheet with nine leads was found in a drawer. It is not known whether Gayle had access to this information.

Scarlett who was also represented by Mr Mayne was cleared of his charge after a remittance receipt bearing certain valid information was found.

The formal verdict of not guilty was entered for all three men as the court offered no evidence in any of the cases.