HE WAS NO TROUBLE MAKER Attorney says killing of singer was wrong

Attorney-at-law Sashakay Fairclough, who is representing the family of 29-year-old Romando Brown, has indicated that the way in which he was killed by a police officer was wrong and excessive force was used.

The attorney is also discrediting reports that suggested that Brown, also called ‘Yosanjah’ or ‘Double G,’ was a troublemaker.

Brown, who was 28 at the time of his death, was killed metres away from a birthday party he was attending on Wednesday night, November 8. Family members and friends contend that he was shot in the chest when he refused to obey the police command of releasing a knife from his possession.

Brown and the police officer were not acquainted with each other prior to the incident.

“We believe that he (Romando Brown) is being reported as a troublemaker and that’s not true. He doesn’t have a criminal record and even if he was found to be a troublemaker, what the police officer did was wrong. What he did was wrong, it was excessive force, it was unreasonable and that is why the community is as angry as it is,” Ms Fairclough said during an interview with the North Coast Times.

While admitting that Brown had a knife which he used to “cut his weed” on the night that he was killed, she argued that the police officer’s life was not in danger.


Ms Fairclough explained that she, along with the family, are now waiting on the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) to complete their investigations and the legal procedures to be followed if the officer is to be charged.

“I come in a civil trial. Yosanjah (Romando Brown) had two children and they are now without a father. ..We do believe some compensation should be given to the family, but again we have to wait for the outcome of the criminal trial,” she explained.

However, she admitted that the criminal outcome of the case will take some time.

“I can assure everyone the Brown family is willing to stand via the court or any international organization if necessary for justice. They are not just going to sit by and let this pass,” she explained.


  • mwhip

    My condolences are with the family of deceased. I know how painful it is for your loved ones lives to be cut short by the ones who are there to serve and protect. My brother who had lost total paralysis in one arm and the dominant hand he had limited use was killed by a policeman whose defense was my brother attacked him with a knife. He sat with my brother, my brother sang for him and then he pulled out his gun and shot my brother right tru his heart. My brother’s transgression was that he had escaped from custody and the policeman was suspended because of his negligence. The policeman was in disguise and when my brother realized who he was he begged him not to kill him. It been many years but my tears still flow and especially at this time of the year because my brother was mentally ill and was planning on returning to jail after Xmas. My brother was in jail because he had a case against someone who wounded him and he had insulted the court by not showing up in court. May God give you the strength and serenity to get tru each day!