BTCC lived up to its commitment to excellence – principal

Principal of Brown’s Town Community College, Claudeth Fletcher disclosed that the 2016/2017 enrollment stood at 918 full time and 129 part-time students. Of that number, 290 were enrolled in programmes that were considered for graduation. These students had to meet requirements that were academic as well as non-academic, such as to engage in selected social outreach programmes and to submit reports on these activities.

“Today of the eligible cohort, 132 full time students met all the requirements for graduation… From this graduating class, of those enrolled in bachelors, diplomas and associate degrees, five received honors and 57 credits,” Mrs Fletcher disclosed.

The cohort of students, who were enrolled into the CXC/CAPE Unit Two programme performed exceptionally well as there was an overall pass rate of 95 percent. A breakdown of the passes in some subject areas saw: 100 percent passes in biology, electrical and electronic technology, environmental science, history, geography, management of business and Spanish; 97 percent pass in Sociology; 96 percent pass in law and chemistry and 95 percent pass in literatures in English.

Student, Quewayne Wallace placed seventh in the Caribbean in electrical and electronic technology.

Meanwhile, 32 of those graduates received distinctions and/or credits in their CAPE examinations. Three were accepted at the faculty of law at the University of the West Indies (UWI).

“Our graduating class lived up to our commitment of enhancing brand Brown’s Town Community College through academic excellence. We are very proud of their performance,” said Mrs Fletcher, proudly.

Other major achievements for BTCC in the 2016/2017 academic year came through its entrance into the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) competitions, where the college won several medals in the categories of music, speech and dance. The institution also excelled in the category of sports.

The college continued to contribute to the development of the community, the wider parish of St Ann and to Jamaica through its sponsorship of several sporting events, including the Under 13 Volley Ball Championships and the staging of the BTCC Island Dairies James Walsh Classic Badminton Tournament.

Mrs Fletcher closed her report with commending the members of staff, parents, spouses, family members and communities who contributed to the achievements of the graduates.

She advised the graduating class to be “truly committed to service.”