Teen fined for stealing electricity

A 19-year-old woman was fined $30,000 or 30 days for stealing electricity from the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS), when she appeared before the St Mary Parish Court on Thursday, November 2.

She is Sandrene Henry from Heywood Hall in the parish.

Allegations are that on October 12 at about 5 p.m., the police and a team from the JPS were on an operation in the Heywood Hall community, when a length of red wire was seen connected to the JPS wire by a makeshift pole. The wire was then traced to a house where Henry lived.

Further investigations revealed that a television set, a DVD player, a fan and two light bulbs, were among the items connected to the illegal electricity supply.

When pleaded to the charge of abstracting electricity, Henry said she was guilty.

When asked by presiding senior parish judge Yvette Wentworth-Miller if she had been charged for the offense before, Henry indicated that it was her first time being charged.

Henry also indicated that she lived with other relatives at the house and there was no legal light at the premises because it was an unfinished house that was being worked on.

She also indicated that she had been living at the house for five months.

Henry was then fined.