Straight to Circuit for Brown’s Town 5 in Chinese Murder

Five St Ann men charged for involvement in an elaborate plot that left a businessman dead, are to face the St Ann Circuit Court.

The five are charged with the murder of Brown’s Town Chinese businessman Teng Fei Cheng, 28.

Those charged in connection with the murder are:

Cheston Morrison of Brown’s Town; Raymond Emmanuel, 60, taxi operator of Philadelphia, Orandy Mott, 23, merchandiser of also Philadelphia who was employed to Cheng; Lebert Piper 47, also of Philadelphia and Vivian Campbell, 39, higgler of Benin, all of St Ann.

The cases of the five who are represented by some of the top criminal lawyers on the Coast are to go directly to the Circuit Court next month. Among those representing the men are attorneys Oswest Senior Smith, Robert Brown, Everald Webster and Roy Fairclough.

The decision that the case is to go straight to the Circuit Court was made known Thursday, September 13, after the men appeared again in the St Ann Parish Court and were again denied bail. Some have been in custody for six months.

Fei Chen, a merchant of Top Road, was shot dead on February 27, in a plot that went wrong. Investigations suggest that men had intended to rob the businessman but not to kill him.

Morrison is considered by police to be the shooter and Emmanuel was considered the one who transported the others on the day of the crime to carry out the plan. They were the two last ones held.

The men have all appeared in court several times and have been refused bail. A special application was made for Emmanuel who is said to have been ill while in custody but that too was turned down.

The men appeared in court on Thursday, September 13, where it was expected that there would have been a committal hearing. However, in court lawyers for the men were told that the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is entering a nolli prosequi in the week of the opening of the St Ann Circuit, in October, and taking the case there by way of a Voluntary Bill.

In the circumstances, no bail application was entertained by the court last week