Juveniles charged in murder of 14-y-o

Two boys have been charged in connection with the murder of
14-year-old Raven Wilson in St Ann.
They are in the custody of the state and are being held outside
of the parish.
They are both 15 years old and were charged last Thursday,
November 8, one with murder and the other with being an
accessory, after the fact, to murder.
The two are from St Ann’s Bay and are in school.
More than a week ago, The North Coast Times, print and on
line, in an exclusive had reported that the two juveniles were
being held in connection with the murder. Police then refused to
confirm or deny the story.
The Times also reported that St Ann police had sought
direction from the office of the DPP in charging the boys. It had
also been reported that police were awaiting the post-mortem
on Raven Wilson, to press charges.
On Thursday last, a senior member of the St Ann police,
Deputy Superintendent Rudolph Taylor confirmed most of The
Times’ report. That same day the boys were appearing in court
where they were remanded.
DSP Taylor told the St Ann Municipal Corporation Thursday,
November 8 that the police had two juveniles in their custody,
for over a week, in connection with the murder. He said there
were some difficulties in the case and police were awaiting a
response from the DPP to whom they have sent the file.
“One of the reasons why we have not been able to charge them as yet
is that the intervention of the (Director of Public Prosecutions)
DPP…owing to their age they are really juveniles and so the (advice

from) the DPP has been sought for some directions in that matter,” he
told councillors.
Police have been trying to keep the investigations and arrests
out of the media spotlight as they fear there could be violence
over the case.
Raven Wilson of Top Road, St Ann’s Bay left for school on
Friday, October 19. When she did not return home Friday
afternoon, and had failed to carry out her usual after-school
routine, she was reported missing.
Her body was found stuffed in garbage bags near to her home
on Sunday, October 21.
Reports to The Times are that Raven had spent much of
Friday with one of the boys near her home and that in using
force on her he accidentally killed her. The other helped him to
first hide her personal effects and then finally dump the body.