Prison for baby’s murderer Man gets 20 years in Brown’s Town killing

A man has been sent to prison for 20 years for the brutal
murder of a three-year-old child from Orange Hill, Brown’s
Town, St Ann.
He is 21-year-old Alexos Newland of Orange Hill.
Newland was sentenced on Friday, October 26 in the St Ann
Circuit Court.
Newland pleaded guilty to the murder of three-year-old
Nevalisia Campbell more than two years ago. The girl was
found dead in her community by a search team, after she went
missing from her home where she had been left with her twin,
by their mother.
The mother, 24-year-old Mahalia Poyser, bar tender and her
boyfriend 30-year-old Roy Downs were charged under the
Child Care and Protection Act.
Police said Ms Poyser had left the three-year-old twins at
home and gone to a party on July 10, 2016, was charged with
negligence in the case.
Police say that when Ms Poyser returned home from the party
she found the front door to the house open and the child

missing. The mother raised an alarm and residents of the area
began a search.
A curious part of the story is that Newland joined the search
and made open statements about the harm he would do to
anyone who hurt the child.
The body of Nevalisia was found with 22 wounds and some
seven scratches all over her body.
Dr Prasad Kadiyala, consultant forensic pathologist did a post
mortem on July 19, 2016 and certified that death was due to
haemorrhage and shock as a consequence of multiple chop
Newland was taken into custody July 16 and subsequently
responded to police questions in the presence of two justices
of the peace (JPs). He gave a caution statement that
implicated himself.
Further police investigations led to the recovery, from a pit
latrine, of bloody clothing belonging to Newland, in a bag.
DNA testing identified traces of the blood of the girl.
When the case came to the St Ann Circuit Court, St Ann’s
Bay, Newland was found fit to plea, following an assessment
by psychiatrist Dr Bertilee Burgess.
Newland, through his attorneys Linton and Obika Gordon,
took advantage of the new plea bargain arrangements and
pleaded guilty.
The Presiding Judge Marcia Dunbar-Green ordered a social
enquiry report before setting the sentencing date.

In their mitigation plea, senior attorney Linton Gordon
conceded that the crime was one of the most brutal acts. He
asked the High Court Judge to look at the principles for
sentencing including retribution, protection of society,
punishment and rehabilitation. Gordon argued that given
Newland was so young he could be rehabilitated and that the
court should allow him time, despite the evil act, to learn a
trade and be rehabilitated.
Alexos Newland was sentenced to 20 years at hard labour.
The judge took note that he had already been in custody for
two years and three months and that was credited to his
sentence, making his time left to be served over 17 years for
the crime.