About North Coast Times Jamaica

Founded in 1995, The North Coast Times is an independent community newspaper published weekly by Independent Media Services Ltd. It is circulated and distributed throughout the north coast parishes of St Ann, St Mary, Trelawny, St James and Portland in Jamaica. A high proportion of stories relate to St Ann, and specifically Ocho Rios, where the paper has its offices. The paper is celebrating its 19th anniversary.



The North Coast Times is concerned with issues, events and personalities of the Jamaican North Coast. Its mission is to provide the best newspaper for the people of the coast.



The North Coast Times provides the latest news, events updates and coverage, and has features, stories, opinion columns, horoscopes, jokes and pictorials. Advertise your products, business, upcoming events, birthday, anniversary and thank-you greetings, gazettes, death notices and memoriam etc. Ads are of various sizes and may be customized, at competitive prices.